2017 digital album: Embodiment

“Embodiment” (cdBaby, iTunes, Amazon) 2017

Five pieces of meditaiton music composed as support for a special meditation sequence by Michael Barnett. The structure of the meditation is systematic, almost mathematical: it goes through five areas of the body, from top to bottom, each time doing 3 phases of 3 minutes: feeling what streams out into the Cosmos, feeling what streams in from it, feeling both streams at once. Hence the form as five 9-minute pieces, each of them a triptych or triad of parts playing with degrees of the active and the receptive.


Background: A meditative collective is the backbone of Surrender Cowboys. That’s where the music comes from, so essentially every note we ever played was meditation music. Also, the concerts we give are meditation events, first and foremost. For us, “Meditation Music” does not just mean pleasant calming background music, it is music that speaks directly to the place where existence is contained as it is – where one drops all attempts to change, accomplish or appear to be anything, but is simply there. With all of one’s lively, adventurous being. Music that comes from there, supports meditation. Whenever you listen, a part of you is already in deep meditation.
Our music ranges from improvisation to songs carefully composed. Our concerts are sometimes accompanied by instructions in meditation, clear and simple enough for anyone to follow. We play in churches and parks as well as on stages. No matter what the context is, our way ahead is always to play what resonates in the situation. Awake, alive, born in the moment.

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